We don’t discriminate on the basis of where people are from but on the quality of the scientific research. We have a home for all sound science.

Today, millions of people are tackling important health and lifestyle issues, especially for those living in poverty. Research has the ability to make genuine changes to people’s lives. 

By publishing scientific research we're able to build our network and relationships with renowned charities and organisations such as Gates Foundation, WHO, and Médecins Sans Frontières.

Our journal

Our large portfolio of peer-reviewed open access journals spans biology and medicine fields. All journals are peer reviewed and open access, meaning the content is free for anyone to access and released under a Creative Commons license. We welcome submissions from all over the world and you can use Journal Selector tool to find the most appropriate journal for your research.

Our journals cover everything from topical international issues to individual communities’ needs. Below are a few of our journals that could be of interest to you: 

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