Foundation Membership is a free service we provide that enables institutions in developing countries to demonstrate their commitment and support for open access publishing. It is available to anyone based in any country which is classified by the World Bank as a low-income or lower-middle-income economy and which has a 2010 gross domestic product of less than 200 billion US dollars (reference - World Bank 1st December 2014).

Institutions must fulfill certain criteria to demonstrate their commitment to open access  in order to become a Foundation Member. Find out what you gain from the membership.

Our new members

Benefits of Foundation Membership

Foundation Member institutes can take advantage of:

  • A branded webpage on the BioMed Central website - to highlight your institution to a global audience. The Member page features articles by your researchers that have been published in BioMed Central and SpringerOpen journals. A Member page allows your institutions to demonstrate involvement in the global open access community, and can help publicize your institution’s research to a global audience.
  • BioMed Central Member logo - to demonstrate your commitment to open access.
  • Member welcome pack - this includes a range of advocacy material for your institutions to hand out to researchers and inform them about the Membership.
  • Publicity and marketing - your institution's Membership to a global audience.

Criteria for Foundation Membership

Institutions should be willing to show public support for open access - for example via open access deposit mandates and/or policies recommending open access publication.

Institutions should have published approximately five articles in BioMed Central, Chemistry Central or SpringerOpen journals within the previous three years.

If you would like further information about Foundation Membership, please contact: