“So that Health Workers in Rural, Underserved South Africa Find Innovative Solutions and Cutting-Edge Techniques to Advance Healthcare in Rural Zulu Land”

Julia Peacocke, Research Officer

“Nonhlanhla, Morongwa and I work at an organisation called Africa Health Placements. We are a human resources for health organisation working in collaboration with the South African National Department of Health to address the acute skills shortage in health sector, build capacity in underserved areas of the country, and enable the health system to support its health workers. We put this picture together and as Nonhlanhla works predominantly in Zululand, a particularly rural, underserved district in South Africa, she was able to provide the context for our shot; the team employs various initiatives to support the health workers in such isolated and resource-constrained facilities. I aim to tell their story as part of my research initiatives, and hope this picture goes some way to do that too.”