“It’s Your Way to Open Mind and Heart to the Whole World”

Maria Trukshina, Cardiologist

In the modern world of  excess information that we are living in now it becomes  difficult and problematic to find all the scientific information you need and to go forward in your  everyday work. In any kind of scientific specialty that we choose, especially  medicine, biology and some   others, you will never have enough time,  opportunity, financial  support  to analyze all the amount of publishing articles, journals, books  for information;  even if you use smart high-speed internet and all electronic devices.  Most  journals  prefer regular  subscription or ask to pay  for the access, free is short abstract information, the main and most interesting  part of the work  remains  unavailable for the researcher. Certainly,  it is a negative  moment  for the author also,  every  author of publication  is  like  a  professional  writer, all that we done is done  for the readers.  In the field of science,  research  outcome  in future  is based  on  controversions, thoughts,  ideas, failures  or  success that were  achieved  by  our  precursors.   The  scientific axiom  is: “Take that was done before and go forward”.  Not in every specialty it is as actual as in the field of medicine, where everybody and everything  is  goaled  for the  development of health and benefit of the people.

What  can every of us  really do?  One simple way  is to  make  free  and  available  to everybody  across  the globe  research publications through  supporting ” Open Access Program”,  helping to establish   a new norm  in research science.

From the beginning  of my career I never  felt  disappointed  after choosing  my profession, hope that  many of my colleagues in  medicine think so;  last  ten years  of my life  were  devoted  to the problems  of  patients  with heart failure.  The main research  part  until  now is  devoted  to  the new  methods of  echocardiography  and  their role in daily clinical practice in treating  patients with systolic heart failure, mostly after cardiac resynchronization therapy,  all the practical hand-dependent  base of the work  is  prepared by myself. The results were presented as a posters, theses, oral presentations  in local, national, European  and World  Cardiology Congresses;  I am a member of Russian and European Society of Cardiology and Heart Failure Association.  In 2006 I was lucky to have a training  course in noninvasive cardiology in Yale-New Haven Hospital, Connecticut, USA.  Now I  work as a researcher in heart failure department  and  as  a cardiologist in outpatient cardiology clinic in one of the biggest  cardiology centers in the North-Western part of Russia, Federal Almazov Research Medical Center in St.Petersburg.

Usually  I don’t  widely  use blog sites and social media  because  of  lack of time, mostly   prefer  to look  through  medical sites  such as Medscape.com, hstalks.com, escardio.org, webofscience.com, NEJM.org and etc, listen to video materials  and webinars according to my specialty.

ORCID ID:    0000-0003-3597-6794

Favorite quote:  ” Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”   André Gide,   French author